The Ocean is one of the less explored resources of the Plan­et. It has a vast offer of natural resources to be explored, in particular energy resources of different types.


The surface of the planet is composed by 29,2% of Land and about 70,8% of Water. 97,4% of this area is salt water of the Oceans (96,5%) and Seas (0,9%). Only 2,6% of this area is freshwater. This enormous surface receives the largest amount of energy emitted by the Sun.






Solar Energy is the source of all energies leading to thermal gradients currents, winds and waves.


Oceans are important energy sources that can be converted through the use of adequate technologies:


  1. Thermal Gradient Energy
  2. Salinity Gradient Energy
  3. Tidal Energy (Tidal Marine Current Energy, Tidal Barrage Energy)
  4. Wave Energy
  5. Offshore Wind Energy


DECKSPOT has led and developed important renewable energy projects. Preservation of the environment and clean energy is one of our main concerns.


Since its creation, DECKSPOT has developed projects to promote the use of unconventional sources of energy and its rational usage.



A DECKSPOT develops several projects of Ocean Renewable Energy Converters that led to several patent requests of Intelectual Property.