Oporto Yacht Services is focused on our clients needs.

We are a team of a professional Captain and a professional yacht Enginner.

  1.  We have the contact with the client.
  2.  Wich boat, size, engines and is going to point A to point B.
  3.  We check the weather forecast (one of the most important things on a delivery) and we do the passage planning.
  4. We book the trip to the boat and when we arrive we check the engines, if needed the engine overhaul, instruments check and security check.
  5. We repair some malfunction on board if that´s the case.
  6. Start the trip and tell the client the ETA.
  7. Arrive, we clean the boat, we leave a professional mooring before leave the boat.

So far we have 100% sucess delivery, a lot of times on yachts with a lot of problems but arrived in safe port.